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Throwback to 2020

CTMA – Clinical Trials Mobile Application would like to wish ALL a very healthy, happy , successful, and COVID-free 2021!

This year was very challenging, in many ways, for all of us. At CTMA, we have strived to expand our reach geographically to help more patients all over the world.

Here is a summary of our accomplishments:

|🌏 CT-SCOUT™, our solution to improve patient recruitment, has expanded and is now in 12 countries and over 200 sites!
|👨‍👩‍👧‍👦The team has more than doubled
|🚀 An article on CT-SCOUT™’s efficiency was published in Gastroenterology
|💡 ToTem4Me™, our project made for patients to allow them test their eligibility for ongoing clinical trials qualified for the DigHacktion final
|📅 We participated to the ECCO and GETAID-Remind congresses
|📱 A new version of CT-SCOUT™ was released
|🏆 CTMA qualified for the Galien Prize 2020 final in the Ehealth category!

Exciting things to come in 2021:
• CT-SCOUT™ will be available in new areas in addition to IBD
• Launching of Totem4Me™, a platform designed for patients to allow them testing their eligibility for ongoing clinical trials
• New offices 🏠 and further global expansion

Stay safe and well, enjoy the holiday celebration and we are looking forward to our fruitful collaboration in 2021!

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