Detecting and enrolling potential candidates in clinical trials is challenging and difficulties faced in patient recruitment are a major concern around the world.

Most clinicians are unaware of on-going trials in their own centers, or give up the pre-screening process because they do not have the specific inclusion criteria at hand when with a patient. As a result, potential candidates receive standard treatment or invasive procedures before being identified, making them ineligible.

Moreover, sponsors have no visibility of recruitment performance in a participating site, which could be valuable when recruitment is slow or nil.

For these reasons, a large majority of potentially eligible patients are lost. Consequently, more than 20% of clinical trials are never completed, and the actual duration of clinical studies is frequently doubled, causing an overbudget amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

The challenges faced in clinical trials
  • For the Investigators:
    • Increase the number of clinicians able to recognize eligible patients
    • Respect committed recruitment targets
    • Improve center reputation
  • For the clinicians not actively involved in clinical trials:
    • Provide treatment that could benefit their patients
    • Detect potential candidates for clinical trials without having to be aware of all ongoing trialspills
  • For the sponsors:
    • Increase transparency of site activity
    • Achieve set deadlines
    • Reduce enrollment costs