CTMA conceived CT-SCOUT™ to provide a unique and innovative solution to overcome the challenges faced in patient recruitment for clinical trials by enabling any physician to quickly and accurately detect potentially eligible candidates.


A multi-device web application based on an unique algorithmic model that addresses patients attrition.

  1. Matching patients with ongoing trials at your site in real-time, face to face and in a few clicks
  2. Coordinating the research team from first contact with patients until their inclusion
  3. Enabling non-recruiting physician to detect potential eligible patients


The missing link between sponsor and sites


    Increases patient recruitment in clinical trials

    • Detect eligible patients through a push and pull strategy
    • Enable all physicians on site and out site to become recruiters


    Increases site performance visibility and reactivity

    • Track the pool of patients with real time data access
    • Identify early sites needing support to enhance patient recruitment


    Increases competitive advantage

    • Participate to reduce molecule time-to-market while optimizing costs
    • Select the best recruiter sites for future studies



    Main Features


    • Detection in less than 2 minutes
    • On any type of connected device 
    • Available anywhere, anytime with its off-line mode 
    • Easy to use and continuously updated 
    • Encrypted
    • Customized per site 



    How CT-SCOUT™ works